Anime and Manga effort

At this point I have watched a lot of anime programs and have bought some manga volumes as well.

Kamisama Kiss by Julietta Suzuki is one I am impressed with. Her art style is quite appealing

Chico Umino who did Sangatsu No Lion (March Comes In Like A Lion) is another.

I downloaded an app that is really helping me explore manga on my own with screentones and the inky brushes. It’s called Ibis.

I have to say the way Suzuki uses screentones and effects blows me away

Just look at the image on the top of the page. Mizuki contemplating the bonzai plum blossom tree. His whole body is a marvelous screentoned effect.


My humble attempt

Not like hers at all but it takes time to learn new apps like Ibis.

I am using it on my tablets and I have a Bamboo Fine Tip Stylus. It’s pretty cool to draw with.

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